Friday, February 20, 2009


as many of you know i work in an assisted living home and it can be fun some days and very challenging others. this is one of my very favorite residents and one of my best friends traci nielson and i went to see her. traci and i work together so we spend a ton of time with each other and the residents.
she wasn't as excited as we were to see her, she fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago so we thought it would be fun to go see her. we took her balloons and by the time we wanted to take them to her room she was determined not to let us have them! it was so funny. i hope she makes it back, by this age once you fall you have a 50
/50 chance of coming back.

this is more like her! she was so goofy and she would dance and run around, just had so much energy that it was hard for us to keep up with her!

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