Friday, March 5, 2010

march 5th!

i can not believe it is march 5th already! tomorrow is my big brothers birthday and i cant believe he will be 25! it is so strange to me to see how our lives have already changed so much even just in the last year! its so exciting and im so happy where i am right now! i love that it is snowing right now and i love that everyone complains even though this is normal for utah! come on people! my parens opened an assisted living home in pleasant grove and it is so super cute! if anyone knows anyone who needs just a little extra help give me a call! is been way super busy! i will be working the floor and doing the menus and activities! im sure it will keep me busy! have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010

thinking about..

its beautiful!! i promise! size 4! if you know anyone that is interested please let me know! oh and i love my daddy! i would be so lost without him!
im thinking about selling my wedding dress! i still dont know but it is on my mind! i loved how my mom still had her dress when i was growing up! i never could fit into it because my mom was a tiny stick when she got married and i was not so tiny :) but just the fact that she had it was cool! but mine is huge! i have nowhere to store it and it is at my moms house! i feel bad that it is there! but i just feel like i should maybe sell it? i dont know!

Monday, January 11, 2010

i have to give a shout out...

he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
i cant go another day without saying how much i serioulsy love my husband! i am the luckiest girl in the world. he does so much for me and i cant wait to go to the temple with him and know that i can spend eternity with him too! he is so strong and he knows when im having a bad day just how to fix it! he works full time and goes to school full time! i dont know to many people that would do that! and its all for me! he wants me to stay home with our kids so he is trying to get done as fast as he can! i love him! he brought me dinner at work last night and he just hung out with me for a little bit because we didn't get to see each other all weekend! i am so happy that he can put up with me! most guys cant lets be honest.. even my mom told him thank you! and my mom is my best friend! i love him! thats all!

Friday, January 8, 2010


well christmas came and went like it was nothing. i get so excited for christmas that when its over im always so sad! but thats ok. my life is crazy busy i feel like! i work all the time and it never ends. i keep thinking school.. in the back of my mind of course but nic is in school and i already complain that i never see him i cant imagine me being in school as well, then i really would never see him. since i work two jobs im always busy. but living the high life haha just kidding! we actually do just fine with my one job but we can save all the other money from my second job. which is so nice! it is weird to think that nic will only have about two years of school after this semester. after this semester nic will have his associates degree! im so happy for him! we have been looking at arcitecture schools and the only one in utah is the university of utah since byu just stopped doing theirs! so if he cant get accepted there we will be looking back east most likely! that wont happen for at least a year though! but we will get to that point if he doesn't get accepted! as long as im with my cute husband i will be just fine! i was a little depressed around thanksgiving because i felt like i didn't have friends. and its true i really dont but the more that i am with nic the more i am so thankful that i picked him and that he can stand to be with me! he is my best friend and i wouldn't change it for the world!
we went to temple square before christmas with the one and only jamie hurd and her boyfriend cody! we had so much fun! maybe this next year i will work on being better about blogging. maybe if i had time!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

our crazy life... i LOVE it!

our new car! sorry i didnt get a better shot! it was cold outside and i didn't want to find shoes!
been missing this girl like crazy! but i get to see her in two weeks! and i cant wait!

the view from our front door! so much bigger than the last house!

i have stairs! i have stairs! i have stairs!

favorite item in my house! thank you james and kim! it fits perfectly!

my hubby and i at the rodeo at the end of the summer! old picture i know this is more for me than you!

at my grandpa's 80th birthday! dont worry i married a 14 year old! but i like it that way.. haha

well nic and i really havent falled off the face of the earth we have both been super busy and we try to spend as much time together as we possibly can! nic is almost done with school for this semester and cant wait! or i cant wait for him! then maybe i can see him a little more! im still working full time at jamestown and then part time at an assisted living home in orem and payson! i would really like to quit and find something different but for right now thats what keeps the bills paid and the house paid. i love this house for so many reasons! it has three bedrooms, a nice size living room, and a good kitchen. in the last house i had no counter space so i was always cooking on the stove when something was in the oven! here i dont have that problem! im so spoiled but thats just because nic loves me! we bought a new car! super cute and we can use that for a few kids and then get something bigger. i love our new ward! the last ward was nice but we didn't know anyone!! and i mean anyone. the people that lived around us werent active but now that we live in a different area of town which in my opinion is SOOOOO much better we have lots of people our age! and not everyone has kids so nic and i aren't so left out! haha maybe one day we will fit in! but im ok to wait on that part for a little while! i am so excited for christmas! nic and i put our tree up the day after thanksgiving and i cant wait to open presents for our first christmas together! yay! the only thing i dont like about christmas is wrapping presents! i have only wrapped two presents and i already want to die! oh gosh! it has only just begun! i hope you all have a great week! we need visitors so come on over! i dont work every night and i am starting to cut back! so come on over!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

picture-less post!

well i cant even begin to tell you how busy nic and i have been! our last house was a lease to own and long story short the landlord wouldn't sign papers so we walked away after putting blood and sweat and 35,000 dollars... ya dont even get me started! so we moved in with my parents for three weeks and then now we have our very own house! yep! i love it! it is the cutest townhouse ever and i am so happy about it! nic and i picked out paint colors and are working on re-texturizing the walls and then we will paint! im so excited i can actually put pictures up! i was very reluctant in our last house because it wasnt technically our house so nothing was up! i am now working two jobs and have an interview for my third job tomorrow! crazy i know but nic is in school full time and works full time. so i figured i can work and the extra cash will be super nice! and lastly we said good-bye to the evo! im pretty sure nic cried what a little baby but he can get another one.... one day! so we are currently looking for another car. if anyone has any good deals going on let us know! we dont want to spend more than about 15,000 and it needs to be a family car. dont get any ideas! i promise i will post pictures of our house as soon as possible!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

baby girl! stinkin cute!

so super cute!
mine babies and nics we can all match!

it is moving believe it or not but she lays on my bed and just watches it and smiles! i love it!

she pretty much went naked all day my house was to hot for clothes! good thing she can get away with it now!

naked baby!

today i got to watch my favorite niece! she is so stinkin cute i could just love her all day long.. we had a bit of a rough start. when crystal(kims sister) dropped her off at my parents around noon she was asleep but i still had to run a few errands and she warned me that she would be hungry when she woke up because it had been a while. well jess and i ran to wal-mart to find some tie dye and it was pretty easy. she woke up while we were in wal-mart and she was fine but as soon as i put her back in the car oh my goodness i never knew a baby could yell so much! we still had to stop at albertsons and jess's house. so jess ran in the store got two shirts while i stayed with the baby the whole time she is still yelling at me. mind you i live in spanish fork this isn't just a short drive home. then we go to jess's house she runs in comes out and we are headed home by the time we got home i had to hurry and warm her bottle up and feed her because she was not happy with me. the rest of the day went well we made tie dye shirts and i even made one for kirsten. the only down fall my finger turned green! like seriously green! oh well good memories! thanks for a great day jess! love you!