Sunday, December 6, 2009

our crazy life... i LOVE it!

our new car! sorry i didnt get a better shot! it was cold outside and i didn't want to find shoes!
been missing this girl like crazy! but i get to see her in two weeks! and i cant wait!

the view from our front door! so much bigger than the last house!

i have stairs! i have stairs! i have stairs!

favorite item in my house! thank you james and kim! it fits perfectly!

my hubby and i at the rodeo at the end of the summer! old picture i know this is more for me than you!

at my grandpa's 80th birthday! dont worry i married a 14 year old! but i like it that way.. haha

well nic and i really havent falled off the face of the earth we have both been super busy and we try to spend as much time together as we possibly can! nic is almost done with school for this semester and cant wait! or i cant wait for him! then maybe i can see him a little more! im still working full time at jamestown and then part time at an assisted living home in orem and payson! i would really like to quit and find something different but for right now thats what keeps the bills paid and the house paid. i love this house for so many reasons! it has three bedrooms, a nice size living room, and a good kitchen. in the last house i had no counter space so i was always cooking on the stove when something was in the oven! here i dont have that problem! im so spoiled but thats just because nic loves me! we bought a new car! super cute and we can use that for a few kids and then get something bigger. i love our new ward! the last ward was nice but we didn't know anyone!! and i mean anyone. the people that lived around us werent active but now that we live in a different area of town which in my opinion is SOOOOO much better we have lots of people our age! and not everyone has kids so nic and i aren't so left out! haha maybe one day we will fit in! but im ok to wait on that part for a little while! i am so excited for christmas! nic and i put our tree up the day after thanksgiving and i cant wait to open presents for our first christmas together! yay! the only thing i dont like about christmas is wrapping presents! i have only wrapped two presents and i already want to die! oh gosh! it has only just begun! i hope you all have a great week! we need visitors so come on over! i dont work every night and i am starting to cut back! so come on over!

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  1. I'm so glad you left me a comment because now I have your blog! Cute house by the way:)