Tuesday, October 27, 2009

picture-less post!

well i cant even begin to tell you how busy nic and i have been! our last house was a lease to own and long story short the landlord wouldn't sign papers so we walked away after putting blood and sweat and 35,000 dollars... ya dont even get me started! so we moved in with my parents for three weeks and then now we have our very own house! yep! i love it! it is the cutest townhouse ever and i am so happy about it! nic and i picked out paint colors and are working on re-texturizing the walls and then we will paint! im so excited i can actually put pictures up! i was very reluctant in our last house because it wasnt technically our house so nothing was up! i am now working two jobs and have an interview for my third job tomorrow! crazy i know but nic is in school full time and works full time. so i figured i can work and the extra cash will be super nice! and lastly we said good-bye to the evo! im pretty sure nic cried what a little baby but he can get another one.... one day! so we are currently looking for another car. if anyone has any good deals going on let us know! we dont want to spend more than about 15,000 and it needs to be a family car. dont get any ideas! i promise i will post pictures of our house as soon as possible!

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