Thursday, July 23, 2009

baby girl! stinkin cute!

so super cute!
mine babies and nics we can all match!

it is moving believe it or not but she lays on my bed and just watches it and smiles! i love it!

she pretty much went naked all day my house was to hot for clothes! good thing she can get away with it now!

naked baby!

today i got to watch my favorite niece! she is so stinkin cute i could just love her all day long.. we had a bit of a rough start. when crystal(kims sister) dropped her off at my parents around noon she was asleep but i still had to run a few errands and she warned me that she would be hungry when she woke up because it had been a while. well jess and i ran to wal-mart to find some tie dye and it was pretty easy. she woke up while we were in wal-mart and she was fine but as soon as i put her back in the car oh my goodness i never knew a baby could yell so much! we still had to stop at albertsons and jess's house. so jess ran in the store got two shirts while i stayed with the baby the whole time she is still yelling at me. mind you i live in spanish fork this isn't just a short drive home. then we go to jess's house she runs in comes out and we are headed home by the time we got home i had to hurry and warm her bottle up and feed her because she was not happy with me. the rest of the day went well we made tie dye shirts and i even made one for kirsten. the only down fall my finger turned green! like seriously green! oh well good memories! thanks for a great day jess! love you!

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  1. Yay for green fingers! And such a great idea...You could make those, and give them at baby showers!