Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wow my grandpa is 80!

i couldnt get around everyone to get to the front of them so their back side will just have to work

we made homemade rootbeer. i dont even like rootbeer and i have to admit this was pretty tasty!

grandma howell with baby kirsten!

this last weekend nic and i had the chance to drive up to firth idaho.. haha little town of about 300 people where my parents both grew up. we celebrated my grandpa turning 80! wow i love him so much its so weird i take care of people younger than him! i miss him already and he entertained us all by singing and dancing with his brother ron who i had never met before. im 20 years old and have never met my grandpas brother. but i have met all of my grandmas siblings. we drove up on friday ate a very tasty dinner, then stayed at my uncle jays house! saturday i got woken up mighty early to take the dog and rylie sue because my parents and aunt and uncle were going golfing. i took care of miss rylie until jaxon woke up and then i had two kids! oh i want one.. no clues or anything :) then ate breakfast with everyone and had to go set up for the big party at the church in firth. it was amazing! so many people showed up and my grandpa is so so so stinkin cute! then sunday we came back and little baby girl marsden was blessed kirsten jalee marsden. such a great weekend!

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