Friday, January 8, 2010


well christmas came and went like it was nothing. i get so excited for christmas that when its over im always so sad! but thats ok. my life is crazy busy i feel like! i work all the time and it never ends. i keep thinking school.. in the back of my mind of course but nic is in school and i already complain that i never see him i cant imagine me being in school as well, then i really would never see him. since i work two jobs im always busy. but living the high life haha just kidding! we actually do just fine with my one job but we can save all the other money from my second job. which is so nice! it is weird to think that nic will only have about two years of school after this semester. after this semester nic will have his associates degree! im so happy for him! we have been looking at arcitecture schools and the only one in utah is the university of utah since byu just stopped doing theirs! so if he cant get accepted there we will be looking back east most likely! that wont happen for at least a year though! but we will get to that point if he doesn't get accepted! as long as im with my cute husband i will be just fine! i was a little depressed around thanksgiving because i felt like i didn't have friends. and its true i really dont but the more that i am with nic the more i am so thankful that i picked him and that he can stand to be with me! he is my best friend and i wouldn't change it for the world!
we went to temple square before christmas with the one and only jamie hurd and her boyfriend cody! we had so much fun! maybe this next year i will work on being better about blogging. maybe if i had time!

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