Thursday, February 19, 2009

ok so ive decided to start our blog because everyone else has one and its easier to keep in touch with everyone, especially since i dont see everyone i want to and talk to anyone. well we are officially two months away from our wedding date! i am getting so excited and its actually super nerve racking! we bought a house in spanish fork and thats where we will be living. we finally have sheet rock on the walls now but i dont have any pictures of that yet so all the pictures i have are old and dont give our house justice. i am very thankful to have a house and not an apartment because i might want to kill nic if we lived in an apartment. he would get so bored! so this will give him something to work on constantly and i will love that. well im sure since i am new to this i will be on here a lot so thats all for now and i hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Go Spanish Fork!! hehe congrats on the date getting closer that is you have any more details on told me some but not all and I want to hear about it! Congrats again!