Sunday, March 8, 2009

very busy busy!

i could only find the four because the 5th one had been cropped so it had our whole bodies but our picture is only our feet its really cute!

ok i seriously suck at blogging! haha but granted i am in the middle of planning a wedding! give me some slack! this last week we well let me say nic because i didn't see the house at all this week but he finished our bathroom floor because it was so uneven! it took 800 pounds of cement! i can not believe it! we got our engagements back and they are so good! i love them and they were so hard to choose from but we finally narrowed it down to five and i will post those! ive got more wedding stuff done and we are now on the count down from 48 days today! i cant believe it! i seriously cant its coming so fast! we are going to get my bridals done this weekend they are technically called groomals now so nic will be in a tux and he looks super good even though i feel fat compared to him because he is so skinny! hopefully i will be better about blogging maybe when i have time! haha thats never! oh ya i lost 5 pounds! so so good! and my dress is back from alterations everything looks so good!

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