Thursday, March 19, 2009

i wish it was done!

this is currently my bedroom! im just super excited to move into a pile of crap! haha just kidding honey!
our bathtub finally got installed! it is about time!

this is my cute father-in-law working in the ceiling because i definately wont! my job is to take pictures haha

this is one of our closets hopefully that all goes away soon

my cute hubby to be putting up sheet rock before the mudder comes in! hurry hurry hurry

ok ive been majorly slacking but its not my fault! i only have 36 days until i get married! and i feel like i still have so much to do that i can not take it anymore. my house is slowly coming together! NEVER... re-do a house i have hated every minute of it but my hubby likes it so i guess if he wants to do all the work go right ahead! but i would never never do this again! it is so hard and puts major stress on me. i dont like it! so here are some updated pictures! my house will get mudded on the 23rd! and i seriously can not wait! then we cant paint and finish the floors! i am super excited!

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