Wednesday, April 15, 2009


my obsession with shoes i honestly probably own at least 75 pairs these are some of my favorite.

oh my goodness it has been forever! im sorry for all of those if any that read this.. i am a loser i know.. but if you do actually come to my site then please leave comments and let me know that you love me? haha well we are definatly down to single digits before the big day well not techinically.. tomorrow ok so technically 10. so i took pictures of the latest of my house but i left my camera there hopefully i will get it back before next week so i dont forget to post pictures. i can not believe that im getting married in 10 days i seriously am like oh my goodness... this is unreal. i dont think i will even believe it until its already here. so i have to vent my frustrations. this past week i have been asked by several different people if they can come to my ceremony.. well even though i am not originally going to get married in the temple doesn't mean that people are invited to my ceremony. if i was getting married in the temple people wouldn't be allowed in the temple unless they were invited. so, no you are not invited to my ceremony unless you got the insert in your invite. but thanks for asking and this is me politely saying only family is invited to the cermony. but on a better note my house is all painted and the colors look awesome. nic and i couldn't decide on a color for the second bedroom because eventually when we have children that will be the nursery for a while but in my dining room we painted the back wall yellow so we finally decided to paint the room yellow because that goes with either boy or girl but kids wont happen for a few years so dont get to excited. since i dont have pictures for this post and i dont want it to be boring i will post more engagments haha sorry but they are all super cute!

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