Saturday, April 25, 2009

today is the day!

well today is finally here i cant believe it! i haven't put pictures up of my bridals because i didn't want to spoil the suprise but since im getting married today i guess it doesn't really matter so i will do that today if i can find them on my filled computer. well i must say it has been very hectic the last few days and i just found out that my bridesmaid is at work and she isn't going to be here and it is so so so frustrating because this is the second time this has happened. my best friend told me about three weeks ago she was going on a cuise and she wouldn't be here so there is one and then the other one just told me she is at work so.. this is just wonderful i love my life and i shouldn't be stressing about this but if any of you know me i stress about EVERYTHING i cant help it thats just how i am.
well nic and i moved stuff into our home last night, nic still calls it a house because we haven't stayed there and its technically not done so for him its still a house but it is our cute little home. his dad and him suprised me and bought me all bran new appliances and had my counter set oh how i love his father. he has seriously been the biggest help and i dont know how i will ever repay him but im sure i will find a way.. well i have to get going today is a very busy day i hope lots of people come tonight! cant wait!

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