Monday, May 4, 2009

back to reality

wow im married! i can not believe that! its so exciting! i love it so much and it seriously is the best thing that has ever happened to me. the wedding went well. it rained all day well not all day but while we were under the tent then it cleared up for pictures which makes me happy because i didn't want to be under an unbrella all day so it worked out great! our house is finished well technically a house is never finished there is always something to be worked on so im pretty excited. it was freezing saturday night so nic and i got to cuddle all night it was pretty fun. vegas was awesome honestly just what i needed but i got woke up to a rude awakening this morning when the schedule got messed up so i was not very happy but thats alright. it all works out. nic and i really didn't take to many pictures in vegas so sorry no pictures for that. but i thought i would update our blog while i have a chance. being frustrated with the freaking pictures on here. it wont let me download pictures so sorry!

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